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Mongaguá is a football and futsal club founded by Lukáš Pulko in Krásný Březno, a long-troubled locality in Ústí nad Labem, which is infamous, for example, for the now historical case around the Matiční Wall.

The team, which has a player base of approximately 40 children aged 6 to 18, mostly from Ústí nad Labem’s troubled localities, regularly meets for joint training sessions at the housing estate in Krásný Březno, where a new playground was built thanks to the initiative of Lukáš Pulko and the activities of the Mongaguá team. The concrete playground has become a place where children can spend their free time in a meaningful way and have basic facilities for their sporting and personal growth.

The activities of the Mongaguá Ústí nad Labem team have also gone beyond the borders of this city and have spread to other cities in the Czech Republic. Now Mongaguá has branch teams

The most active is the founding team in Ústí nad Labem, but the Ostrava cell under the leadership of coach Jaroslav Horváth is also very active. The long-term goal is to expand the branches to other Czech cities, but the most pressing issue is the material security and organization of the existing Mongaguá cells.


Mongaguá teams across the cities regularly participate in football and futsal tournaments, where they have won several valuable achievements. The best and most conscientious players of Mongaguá teams then move on to other football and futsal clubs where they can take their sporting endeavours to the next level and participate in organised national competitions.

In this respect, the cooperation with the first league futsal club FC Rapid Ústí nad Labem, which has been working closely with Mongágua since its inception and whose youth teams, like its adult team, play in the highest futsal competitions, is crucial. The most striking example of this cooperation is currently 17-year-old Daniel Hajaš, who has gone from the Mongaguá team to the under-19 futsal national team and is on the “A” team of the first league Rapid. However, there are many other talented players among the Mongagua players who may soon follow his path.

Mongaguá currently finances its activities with the support of donors and

grant programmes, which are administratively managed by FC Rapid Ústí nad Labem. In this respect, a big milestone was a stay in Norway, where the Mongaguá team, consisting of players from all branches, participated in a football tournament and also attended a youth development programme within the Norwegian organisation MOT, which focuses on the self-development of young people and prevention of negative pathological phenomena. The whole event was funded by Norwegian funds and it was a great experience for all involved and a different perspective on how Mongagua could work in the future.

About Us


Mongaguá was founded in the summer of 2015, when the SAY NO TO RACISM campaign was in full swing,
with which Lukáš Pulko, the founder of the Mongaguá team, toured football and futsal clubs across the country.

It was not only thanks to this activity that he made contact with Rodrigo Taverna, a Brazilian futsal player, at that time a player of the championship team Chrudim and also a well-known personality who has been living in the Czech Republic for many years thanks to his futsal career.

It was Rodrigo Taverna who brought back from his holiday in his native Brazil the jerseys of the local club Mongaguá de Praia and donated them to Lukáš Pulka, thus triggering an avalanche of other events.
Lukáš decided to distribute the donated jerseys among the children who regularly but disorganizedly played on the semi-dilapidated concrete patch near the apartment building where Lukáš lives with his family.

“I honestly didn’t know what to do with it at first. But I live on a housing estate and I have a playground in front of my house where children used to play. I went out and gave them jerseys. And that’s how Mongaguá Ústí nad Labem was born,” says Lukáš.

“It came about because I was watching the boys playing outside. They don’t really have anywhere to play. They have no direction. That’s what I wanted to give them. And Mongagua solves all that,” he explains in conclusion.


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