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In this section we will feature the most successful players of Mongaguá teams across the branches. These are the players who, in addition to quality sports performance, have shown long-term moral qualities such as ambition, determination and diligence, which are reflected not only in their sporting performance but also in their school performance or behaviour in the team. These players represent the best of the Mongaguá teams and should be a motivation and inspiration for other players of the Mongaguá teams.


The first to be in this place can be none other than Daniel Hajaš. This seventeen-year-old player, who has been a member of Mongaguá Ústí nad Labem since its beginnings, has experienced a meteoric rise in his sporting career over the last two years.

Thanks to his quality sports performance and good attitude, he was recommended to the partner futsal club FC Rapid Ústí nad Labem, where in two years he won the position of a mainstay and leader of the junior teams (in the U17 category he is the captain). The talent and determination of Daniel Hajaš did not escape the head coach of the first league “A” team of Rapid, Czech futsal legend Martin Dlouhé. He included Daniel in the first league “A” team and Dan can now boast that at the age of 15 he was the youngest Rapids player to play in a league match (at that time a second league match). In the second league, Daniel even scored two goals in a game against the Prague Wizards.

In addition, Daniel can be proud of being a member of the national under-21 beach soccer team and especially a member of the national under-19 futsal team, where he has already made two competitive starts. The coming months and years will tell how Dan’s career will develop.

However, if he continues at least as he has done so far, we believe that Mongaguá will have representatives in both the 1st Futsal League and the Futsal National Team for a long time. It is the wish and goal of the Mongaguá team coaches to produce other players who will follow the path of Daniel Hayash.

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